Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Speak your mind .... or not.

Is there any excuse?

Relationships: Friends/lovers whatever. Communication is the key to successful relationships, right? It’s almost a mantra. So is there an excuse when one half of that relationship reuses point blank to communicate properly? I don’t think so.

I’m at the best of times a hard person to deal with, but with this I try to overcome any shyness/ill feelings/whatever when needed so that the other person knows what I think about a situation or my feelings in general in regards to my relationship. After all, it’s what I expect back from the other person.

What really gets me mad (or in some cases heartbroken) is when the other person point blank, hard-headdedly (it’s not a proper word, I know) REFUSE to even address a situation, more so after I’ve gone out my way to talk about something I feel is important to me. That to me is a blatant disrespect to not just my feelings, but me personally.

What I want to ask is am I wrong in thinking this way? I understand people can be private or be shy etc. I for one am a private person enough where I’ll only offer up information I feel to, but when it comes to those I value as friends, partners, family etc. I force myself to open up sometimes in order to try and maintain an open an honest relationship as possible. Especially if they’ve gone out of their way to instigate a conversation. Fine, they may not always like what I say, but I’d like to think those around me can at least say I’m open and honest. I just expect the same.

After one situation that happened recently, I can safely say that I will continue to be open and honest as a person, as that is me and I don’t think it’s one of my bad traits, but Jeez, I really need to assess whether some people around me are beneficial to my wellbeing and have my interests at heart as well as their own.


David said...

i do that sometimes, its called avoiding the hard facts... you dont want to be with them or youre thinking about it... men avoid issues generally in relationships, theres too much sex involved to rock the boat maybe, i dont know.

Angelicious said...

I understand exactly what you are saying, but shouldn't you speak up to avoid an even more messy situation? Isn't not being honest more inflammatory to a situation?

Not always based around sex, well in my case anyway...

Thanks for your thoughts though, it does help seeing other points of view. x